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Video consultation allows you to speak to your doctor wherever you are. You simply need an internet connection on your mobile phone, tablet or PC to get the answers to all your medical questions.
  • You save travelling time. Enjoy video consultation wherever you are.
  • Receive your referral for a medical test or prescription directly through the platform.
  • Share the results of your medical tests so that the doctors can check them.
  • Choose the doctor you want to connect with.
  • In order to review and interpret medical test results.
  • To get answers to questions about medication.
  • To get answers to medical questions.
  • To monitor your illness.
The video consultation platform meets all the certifications and requirements to protect your privacy. It is a completely secure and confidential tool.
Yes, the medical professional can send you the prescription or medical report you need via the platform.
Yes, you can send test results for the medical professional to review.
Video consultation is the perfect service for getting the answer to your medical questions, interpreting test results, reviewing test results or monitoring your illness, wherever you are and without needing to move from where you are.

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